Abant İzzet Baysal University ECTS Information Catalog

General Description


The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, founded with six sub-departments according to the foundation decision of the Faculty, started the undergraduate programme in 2008-2009 academic year with 27 students.

Qualification Awarded

The students who successfully complete the undergraduate programme obtain a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Specific Admission Requirements

Applicants have to have achieved the sufficient base point in the University Entrance Exam by OSYM. The students, who come with the student exchange programs that are ratified by the University, enroll to the courses determined in the Undergraduate Curriculum.

Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning (Formal, Non-Formal and Informal)


Profile of The Programme

Electrical and Electronics Engineering that provided the foundation for the technological developments in the 20th century, is one of the most important engineering branches in the 21st century. The Electrical and Electronics Engineering, which still is in the leading position in the technological developments, is amongst the first choices of students that are in the brink of going to universities. The graduates have high employability rate both in public and private sectors, especially in high tech firms, in the research and development departments.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples

Telecommunications, Energy generation, transmission and distribution, Information Technologies, Military electronics industry, Automation, Research and development, Production and marketing, Academics, Embedded systems, Space and aviation, Robotics, Design and production of electrical appliances, Testing, Measurement and control, Medical Electronics.

Access to Further Studies

Students who complete the Undergraduate Education successfully can apply for MSc and PhD programs to Electrical and Electronics Engineering programmes or to programmes that accept Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduates.

Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

Every student has to be successful in the exam of each lecture enrolled determined by the lecturer of the lecture.

Graduation Requirements

To obtain the degree, students need to have completed the modules in the curricula successfully and also completed the practical work of 40 days in industry. Furthermore, every student needs to have completed a project on a subject determined jointly with a supervisor in the 8th semester and presented it orally.

Mode of Study (Full-Time, Part-Time, E-Learning )


Address, Programme Director or Equivalent

Head of the Department Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erdal Bekiroğlu AİBÜ, Mühendislik-Mimarlık Fakültesi, Elektronik-Elektronik Müh. Bl. Gölköy Yerleşkesi, Bolu-TÜRKİYE Tel: 0374 254 1000/2632 E-mail: bekiroglu_e@ibu.edu.tr ECTS Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Oğuz Üstün AİBÜ, Mühendislik-Mimarlık Fakültesi, Elektronik-Elektronik Müh. Bl. Gölköy Yerleşkesi, Bolu-TÜRKİYE Tel: 0374 254 1000/2633 E-mail: oguzustun@ibu.edu.tr


In the department, there are four Member of Staff (two Associates Professors, and two Assistant Professors), one guest staff (Prof. Dr.), three Research Assistants (two of them are away doing PhD within the framework of Law number 35 and one doing MSc). The department has computer, electrical machines, power electronics, fundamental electrical&electronics and circuit analysis laboratories. In every classroom where students attend lectures there are wall computers and projection devices.

Key Learning Outcomes




Taking Responsibility and Demonstrate Autonomy
Learning to Learn
Communication and Social
Professional and Vocational

Course Structure Diagram with Credits

Course CodeCourse NameCourse TypeTPLECTS
1903001022009Introduction to Electrical and Electronics Engineering Compulsory2002.00
1903001032010Physics I Compulsory3026.00
1903001052010Chemistry Compulsory3026.00
1903001072010Mathematics I Compulsory3206.00
1903001132008Principl.of Atatürk and The Revol.His. I Compulsory2002.00
1903001152008Turkish Language I Compulsory2002.00
1903001972011Foreign Language IElective Pool2002.00
1903001992013Selective IElective Pool3004.00
Course CodeCourse NameCourse TypeTPLECTS
1903001042010Physics II Compulsory3026.00
1903001082010Mathematics II Compulsory3206.00
1903001092010Computer Aided Engineering Drawing Compulsory1204.00
1903001102008Linear Algebra Compulsory3004.00
1903001122008Principl.of Atatürk and The Revol.His. II Compulsory2002.00
1903001142008Turkish Language II Compulsory2002.00
1903001962011Foreign Language IIElective Pool2002.00
1903001982013Selective IIElective Pool3004.00
Course CodeCourse NameCourse TypeTPLECTS
1903002022009C Programming Compulsory2206.00
1903002052009Circuit Analysis I Compulsory4027.00
1903002092011Differential Equations Compulsory4005.00
1903002122009Complex Analysis Compulsory3004.00
1903002172011Modern PhysicsCompulsory3004.00
1903002992011Elective IElective Pool3004.00
Course CodeCourse NameCourse TypeTPLECTS
1903002012009Computer Aided Analysis Programmes Compulsory1204.00
1903002062009Circuit Analysis II Compulsory4027.00
1903002072009Probability and Statistics Compulsory3004.00
1903002202011Analog Electronics ICompulsory3026.00
1903002222011Electromagnetic TheoryCompulsory4005.00
1903002982011Elective IIElective Pool3004.00
Course CodeCourse NameCourse TypeTPLECTS
1903003152011Digital Electronics ICompulsory3025.00
1903003172011Analog Electronicsc IICompulsory3025.00
1903003192011Electromagnetic WavesCompulsory3003.00
1903003212011Electrical Machines ICompulsory3025.00
1903003992011Elective IIIElective Pool3004.00
1903013012010Signals and SystemsCompulsory3003.00
1903003352013İnternship ICompulsory0005.00
Course CodeCourse NameCourse TypeTPLECTS
1903003222011Electrical Machines IICompulsory3026.00
1903003242011Control SystemsCompulsory3206.00
1903003262011Digital Electronics IICompulsory3026.00
1903003962011Elective IVElective Pool3004.00
1903023022010Numerical AnalysisCompulsory3004.00
1903023162010Digital Signal ProcessingCompulsory3004.00
Course CodeCourse NameCourse TypeTPLECTS
1903004132011Engineering Design ICompulsory2205.00
1903004992011Elective VElective Pool3004.00
1903004352013İnternship IICompulsory0005.00
Course CodeCourse NameCourse TypeTPLECTS
1903004162011Engineering Design IICompulsory22010.00
1903004982011Elective VIElective Pool3004.00

Elective Courses

Seçmeli I

Course CodeCourse NameTPLECTS
1903002212011Engineering Mechanics3004.00
REKL016Job Security3004.00

Seçmeli II

Course CodeCourse NameTPLECTS
REKL016Job Security3004.00
1903002242011Technical Foreign Language I3004.00
1903002262011Reading and Speaking in Foreign Language3004.00

Seçmeli III

Course CodeCourse NameTPLECTS
1903003232011Technical Foreign Language II 3004.00
1903003252011Foreign Language for Business3004.00

Seçmeli IV

Course CodeCourse NameTPLECTS
1903003322011Engineering Economics3004.00
1903003342011Projects Planning and Management3004.00
1903002112009Job Analysis and Evaluation 3004.00

Seçmeli V

Course CodeCourse NameTPLECTS
1903004452011Power System Analysis I3004.00
1903004472011Power System Protection3004.00
1903004492011Robotic Systems3004.00
1903004512011Mechatronic Systems3004.00
1903004532011Analog Communications3004.00
1903004552011Communication Systems3004.00
1903004572011Introduction to Biomedical Engineering3004.00
1903004592011Biomedical Signal Processing3004.00
1903004612011Microwaves I3004.00
1903004632011Antennas and Propagation3004.00
1903004652011Microprocessors I2024.00
1903004672011Programmable Logic Controllers2024.00
1903004692011Electrical Plants Project2024.00
1903004712011Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit Design 2024.00
1903004732011Discrete Time Systems3004.00
1903004752011Computer Architecture2204.00
1903004772011Introduction to Computer Networks2204.00
1903004792011Object Oriented Programming2204.00
1903004812011Data Systems3004.00
1903004832011Expert Systems3004.00
1903004852011Digital Filters2024.00
1903004872011Image Processing Fundamentals3004.00
1903004882011Medical Electronics3004.00
1903013122010Power System Analysis I3004.00
1903004412011Power Electronics I2024.00
1903004432011Electrical Machines Design2024.00

Seçmeli VI

Course CodeCourse NameTPLECTS
1903002152010Electrical and Electronics Measurements 2024.00
1903004462011Power System Analysis II3004.00
1903004482011High Voltage Techniques3004.00
1903004502011Robot Control2024.00
1903004522011Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems2024.00
1903004542011Digital Communications 3004.00
1903004562011Communication Theory3004.00
1903004582011Biomedical Image Processing2024.00
1903004602011Biomedical Instrumentation3004.00
1903004622011Microwaves II3004.00
1903004642011Radar Systems3004.00
1903004662011Microprocessors II2024.00
1903004682011Energy Distribution3004.00
1903004702011Fiber Optik Communication Systems3004.00
1903004722011Process Control2024.00
1903004742011Nonlinear Control Systems3004.00
1903004762011Data Structures2204.00
1903004782011Operating Systems2204.00
1903004802011RF Communication Systems2024.00
1903004822011Mobile Communication Systems3004.00
1903004842011Measurement and Instrumentation2024.00
1903004862011Digital Audio Processing2024.00
1903004882011Medical Electronics3004.00
1903013102010Power Electronics I2204.00
1903004442011Utilization of Electrical Energy2024.00

Yabancı Dil I

Course CodeCourse NameTPLECTS
1903001172008Foreign Language I (English) 2002.00
1903001192008Foreign Language I (German) 2002.00
1903001212008Foreign Language I (French) 2002.00

Yabancı Dil II

Course CodeCourse NameTPLECTS
1903001162008Foreign Language II (English) 2002.00
1903001182008Foreign Language II (German) 2002.00
1903001202008Foreign Language II (French) 2002.00