Abant İzzet Baysal University ECTS Information Catalog

Course Code Type of Course ECTS Semestre Year of Study Level of Course Unit Mode of Delivery Language of Instruction
105002432006 Compulsory 4.00 3 2 First Cycle Face-to-Face Turkish

Objectives of the Course

To be able to understand development and learning process, to be able to explain theories about development and learning

Name of Lecturer(s)

Prerequisites and co-requisities


Recommended Optional Programme Components


Course Contents

Development, growth, maturation, principles of development and readiness Physical development Emotional development Personality development Social and language development Theories of development Repeating courses and midterm exam Definition of learning and factors effecting learning, concepts related to learning Behaviorist theories Social learning approach Cognitive theories Factors that make learning easy Principles of learning in classroom

Weekly Detailed Course Contents

Recommended or Required Reading

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Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Assessment Methods and Criteria

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Work Placement(s)


Workload Calculation

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Learning Outcomes & Contribution to Program Outcomes

Learning OutcomesProgram Outcomes
To be able to understand the concepts of development              
To be able to understand the phases of physical, emotional, and cognitive development             
To be able to understand the theories of personality development             
To be able to explain the theories of cognitive and moral development              
To be able to explain social, language, and humor development             
To be able to understand the meaning of learning and factors influencing learning              
To be able to understand behaviorist, cognitive, and social learning approaches             
To be able to synthesize the relation between development and learning             
To be able to adopt everyday life what is learned from development and learning lesson              
To be able to utilize his/her learning related to development and learning in educational practices             

1 Very Low
2 Low
3 Medium
5 Very High