Abant İzzet Baysal University ECTS Information Catalog


Our university has always been preferred choice of prospective students by its teaching quality, adequacy of facilities and geographic location. Bolu, which is close to Turkey’s two largest metropolises, is especially preferable. Besides, with our student-centred vision, we always intend to give the best education in the best conditions. In this context, the University tries to give the highest quality training with innovative academics who are always aiming to do better. To achieve this goal, we provide the most appropriate environment by social and cultural facilities and sports fields.

Scholarship Oppurtunities

Contributions to students, apart from the State support, are primarily provided by the İzzet Baysal Foundation. The Foundation provides scholarships for the undergraduate students who are admitted to their respective departments as the most successful student and also to the next most successful one born in Bolu. Besides, the Foundation provides scholarships to the students who are from Bolu and need financial support. Furthermore, the most successful three graduating students in each Faculty are awarded by the İzzet Baysal Foundation. The Foundation also supports scientific research.


As well as the State-owned dormitories, there are dormitories, which are owned by the University administration, consisting of two buildings-four blocks within Gölköy campus. A total of 1091 students, 753 girls and 338 boys, accommodate in our dormitories.

An average of 250 beds are available each year. Applications are not closed when the quota is full. But, students who are in the reserve list are enrolled during the academic year as beds become available.

Life at Bolu

Bolu is one of the most enchanting areas of Turkey located approximately half-way between Istanbul and Ankara. Bolu is famous for its dense forests and modern hot spring facilities.

Lake Abant is one of the amazing beauties Bolu provides. It is 55 kms southwest of this province, situated at an altitude of 1500 meters. The lake is a magnificent with water lilies spread over, and the deep green forest surrounding it. There are high-quality accommodation establishments around the lake which deserves spending some time.

Another wonder of Bolu is the Yedigoller (Seven Lakes) National Park which has an appeal beyond words. Golcuk, an artificial lake 11 kms south, surrounded with green forests, is another lovely site.

Kartalkaya in the Koroglu Mountains, is another resort for those who like winter sports. It is one of the three best winter sports centers in Turkey. You will find quietness and sportive enthusiasm in Kartalkaya. Aladag meadows are the other attractive touristic sites in these mountains.

53 kms northwest of Bolu is Konuralp which once was the ancient Pruso ad Hyplum. You can see a well preserved Roman theatre and fine examples of Roman and Byzantine art, sheltered in the museum.

You may enjoy the four seasons at once in Bolu. For those who prefer sea-sun-sand Akcakoca offers this opportunity at an appealing setting. You can enjoy the lovely beaches while staying in hospitable guest houses and hotels. You can also visit the Genoese Castle hidden in the hazelnut groves.

Mengen is famous for its excellent cooks and holds an annual Chefs' Festival, featuring many traditional Turkish specialties.

Life at Campus

Abant İzzet Baysal University campuses offer a wide range of social and cultural opportunities. Blue Hall with a capacity of 514 people and Pink Hall with a capacity of 208 people in İzzet Baysal Culture Center, and hall with a capacity of 350 people in Morphology Building of İzzet Baysal Faculty of Medicine host activities such as symposium, panels, conferences, theatre and movie shows. Ballet and Folk Dances Hall also host many activities. In the Culture Center, frequently used by more than forty student clubs in university, is there a museum exhibiting works reflecting some parts of İzzet Baysal’s life.

The university takes part in Thanksgiving Days for İzzet Baysal organized on May 11 every year in Bolu. Spring Fest organized by students last for a week and host many activities and amateur groups.

Important Phones

 Telefon 1Telefon 2Faks
Important PhonesFire110
Important PhonesEmergency Service112
Important PhonesTraffic Police154
Important PhonesPolice155
Important PhonesGendarmerie156
Important PhonesMunicipal Police Directorate153
Important PhonesForest Fire Report177
Important PhonesAlo RTÜK (Radio and Television Supreme Council)178
Important PhonesWater Fault185
Important PhonesElectricity Fault186
Important PhonesPhone Fault121
AIBU Activity Centreİş Bank(374) 253 46 71(374) 253 46 72(374) 253 46 69
AIBU Activity CentrePTT Office(374) 253 45 19
AIBU Activity CentreKöşebaşı Dried Fruits(374) 253 40 04
AIBU Activity CentreFiliz Pastanesi(374) 253 54 54
AIBU Activity CentreAkpa Kitapevi(374) 253 49 08
AIBU Activity CentreŞok Market(374) 253 49 13
AIBU Activity CentrePATİSTA(374) 253 41 00
AIBU Activity CentreÜÇEM Stationary(374) 253 45 46
AIBU Activity CentreMiray Haircutter (Men)(374) 254 10 00 - 1931
AIBU Activity CentreParadise Haircutter (Women)(374) 254 10 00 - 1960
AIBU Activity CentreVİB Tourism(374) 253 45 25
AIBU Activity CentreMETRO Tourism(374) 253 45 22(374) 253 45 23

Daily Expenses

In order to travel to İstanbul and Ankara which are near Bolu a 25 TL ticket will be enough.

A student may have a lunch in university's cafeteria at campus for just 2 TL.

1000 TL is more than needed for a student's monthly costs.

1 TL ≈ 0,33 €

Basic Daily NeedsPrice
Bread (300 g)1 TL
A cup of coffee at a café3 TL
1,5 litre of water1 TL
Hamburger10 TL
Coke2 TL
1 Kg of sugar2.5 TL
1 Kg of chicken9 TL
1 Egg0.5 TL
1 Kg of beef20 TL
1 litre of sunflower oil5 TL
1 litre of gas4.5 TL
Cinema ticket10 TL
Public transport between campus and town center2 TL