Training Plans

Course Code Course Type ECTS Semester Year Level of Course Unit Mode of Delivery Language of Instruction
2102002052011 Zorunlu 4.00 3 2 0 0 Türkçe

Objectives of the Course

To provide comprehensive information on the parties and their responsibilities, tools and materials used, transportation methods and documents for the legal framework of international field transport, transport management and operations.

Name of Lecturer(s)

Öğr.Gör.Sibel TEKMEN

Prerequisites and co-requisities


Recommended Optional Programme Components


Course Contents

Types of transport, legal framework of transport, methods and documents used in transport types, international organizations operating in the sector, parties and duties.

Recommended or Required Reading

Prof.Dr.Murat Erdal ve Doç.Dr.Metin Çancı; Uluslararası Taşımacılık Yönetimi, UTİKAD yayınları, İstanbul.

Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Assessment Methods and Criteria

Term (or Year) Learning Activities Quantity Mean Percentage
Midterm Examination1100
TOTAL: 100
End Of Term (or Year) Learning Activities Quantity Mean Percentage
Final Examination1100
TOTAL: 100

Work Placement(s)


Workload Calculation

Activities Count Duration (hrs) Total Workload
Midterm Examination11.01.0
Final Examination11.01.0
Self Study164.064.0
Individual Study for Mid term Examination120.020.0
Individual Study for Final Examination125.025.0
TOTAL: 111

Course Weekly Program

week: Activity P L
1Development of transport, basic concepts, modes of transport and international transport trends
2International air cargo transport - the development of air cargo transport, the international freight forwarder organization, the legal framework of air cargo transport, international organizations in air cargo transport
3Ground handling services for international air cargo transport, IATA member cargo agencies and cargo agency responsibilities
4Airway bill of lading, liability limits of the carrier, main bill of lading and intermediate bill of lading, air cargo carriage pricing
5Cargo types in air transport, transport units, pallet types, container types, aircraft types and characteristics, cargo types in air transport
6International road transport - international freight forwarding organizer, pricing and road transport contracts for road transport, export and import transport processes
7The legal framework of international road transport of goods, the parties and the responsibilities of international organizations in the road transport of goods, components of international road transport of goods, Turkey's main routes in international road transport of goods
8International railway transport - International railway transport operator in transport business, parties, import-export transport processes, legal framework and international organizations
9Pricing in railway carriage, Railway Transportation contract and CIM document, Signs on wagon in international railway carriage
10International maritime transport - International maritime transport operator, import-export and transit shipping, maritime transport main contract types, regular line transport, pricing
11Sea freight consignment, international organizations in maritime transport, basic components and transportation units
12Combined transportation and documents - basic definitions and concepts, combined transportation concept and basic features
13Components of combined transport, swap body in combined transport, legal framework of combined transport
14Organizations involved in international combined transport, transport business organizer and transport documents

Learning Outcomes & Contribution to Program Outcomes

Learning Outcomes Program Outcomes
To understand the legal framework of international transport545354554
To learn the parties and their duties in international transportation operations544354554
Having knowledge of the methods used in each of the international transport types544354554
To learn and use the documents used in international transportation operations554354554
To learn international organizations in international transportation types and to understand its importance554354554
To carry out international transportation operations management554354554

1 Very Low
3 Medium
5 Very High